Super Nice Uganda (Nakivale)


The Nakivale Refugee Settlement is home to 120,000 thousand refuges from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and elsewhere. Inside the camp, the incredibly inspiring young William Butala and his team head up the NakivArt program (click the link! read about it!)  

NakivArt provides life-changing education and art therapy to children who are enduring soul-crushing trauma. Young refugees learn drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and so much more....Nakivale women are even being taught how to wire and install solar roofs. 

Nakivale Refugee Uganda

After being introduced to the Super Nice Club by artist and humanitarian Brett Alan Spears aka Shrine, William has found that the SNC resonates widely within the camp. SNC members in Nakivale are self-printing stickers, making SNC shirts and even playing on the SUPER NICE FC women’s soccer/football team. Yeah, there's a Super Nice Club soccer team in Uganda! How cool is that?

Keep an eye out for the SNC/Nakivale collabortaion featuring the art of William and his students. We are also so insanely excited to participate in the settlement’s FURAHA FESTIVAL in 2020!

If you're interested in supporting William and NakivArt, you can consider donating just $1/month via the Nakivale PATREON page.

Nakivale Nakivart uganda
All photos (c) William Butala