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Some people aren't satisfied with anything less than solid gold. And for you we present: 24 Karats of Nice

This sweet snap-back hat has gold-colored thread to match your gold watch, bullion, teeth or  rose gold-plated Maserati. Whatever you're rocking, this hat will up your style game and let the world know where you stand.

Note, these are sturdy brims, high quality ... and take breaking in for a perfect fit and comfort. 

Super Nice Club: 24 Karats of Nice Lid

  • We will ship this out within 1-5 days. From there, takes a few days. 

    If we don't ship to your country, it's not because we won't, it's because nobody has asked us and we haven't gone to the post office to figure out the cost of it. Just holler and we'll get you sorted.