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Buy 2, Get One Free. In other words 3 for $12. Huzzah! 

There is only one Super Nice way to keep your summer beverage chill. No, it's not a fancy Yeti cooler ... it's the shiny, happy, glittery SUPER NICE CLUB KOOZIE!!! 

Feature #1: Insulative stuff that insulates your drink
Feature #2: Glittery Super Nice Club in blue letters on one side
Feature #3: Glittery Super Nice Club in red letters on the other side

Feature #4: Glittery Super Nice Bluc in silver letters on the bottom

Bonus Feature for SNC member: Mobile phone protection! Yes, just slide your mobile phone in here and it will keep it from getting fried from the sun at the beach/near the pool. Please note: DO NOT attempt to slide your phone into the SNC Summer Koozie until after after removing beverage. 

This product is guaranteed to work with bottles and cans of:  Soda, cola, root beer, beer, cider (hard or soft), kombucha, mule-in-a-can, Dr. Pepper, most diet drinks not including Tab, canned and bottled tea-like beverages. 

This product is likely to work with: Most anything in a bottle or can that fits. Excepting diet Tab (as noted).

This product does not work well with: Capri Sun, Diet Tab (as noted above), uncontained fountain drinks, Mr. Mouse, iOS v2.1, Ed Sheeran.

Super Nice Glittery Soda/Beer/Phone Koozie

  • We will ship this out within 1-5 days. Usually closer to one. :)

    If we don't ship to your country, it's not because we won't, it's because nobody has asked us and we haven't gone to the post office to figure out the cost of it. Just holler and we'll get you sorted.

  • We don't really have a return policy. We're not a big business or anything so if you get something and it doesn't fit, hopefully you'll be super nice and gift it to someone who it does fit because we're always running out of sizes and often only print a style once. If we DO have another size and you don't mind shipping yours back, we can work it out.

    Now, if we ever get into Super Nice turntables or Super Nice eggs .. things that can break in shipping, why we reckon we'll have to come up with a return policy.  And even though record players and omelettes are both awesome, we are probably going to leave the sales of those items to others.